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Welcome! As a mom, water advocate and NTP I welcome you to your wellness journey. It can feel overwhelming when looking to make changes in your life - I know what that feels like! Where to start, what is most important and how to tell are all great questions.  We will work together taking steps to transform your life and the life of those around you. When we can pinpoint your goals and priorities, you will see the path ahead unfold before you with ease.

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I am an NTP and hold an MS in Counseling. I have individual appointments as well as packages available to assist you on the road to wellness. The immense amount of information available with regards to what to eat, what to use to clean your home and various other ways to clean up toxins from your life can be overwhelming. I am here to help guide you on your journey and focus on what will make the biggest impact for you and your family.


Accessing clean water is a challenge for many and is key piece for supporting homeostasis in the body. Changing our water has been one of the most transformational things my family has done for our health. Antioxidant-Rich, micro-clustered and alkaline water provide so many benefits to the body. Achieving adequate cellular hydration supports many systems and processes in the body to keep it functioning as optimally as possible.
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